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Financial Planning for children and making Children aware of money


Topics Covered 

1) 5 important things which concern children,  that parents need to focus on in their financial life
 2)  How to teach your children about money


The session would cover the 5 important things that need to be done to financially secure your child’s future,products that can be used for each of these action items and finally how to integrate this into a financial plan. Apart from this, we will also cover some other things like education loan, nominations, wills etc – these topics will be covered very briefly. I will have a slide on some ways to start teaching your children about money.


Mrin Agarwal  is one of  the top 10 independent investment advisors in India managing portfolios over Rs 500 cr. Mrin has over 17 years of experience in wealth management and has worked with Citibank, Deutsche Bank and Birla Sunlife. In the last 7 years, she has been running her own Independent advisory business under Mrin Investment Advisory Pvt Ltd ( ). Mrin has extensive and multi -faceted experience in investment advisory and banking and has experienced various phases in debt and stock markets. Mrin has appeared on CNBC( and has also contributed to various articles in print media.

This workshop is for Parents

Date: 22nd March 2014

Time: 11:30 am – 12:30 am

Fee: Rs 250/-


* Limited registrations. A  preregistration is compulsory.


Celebrate Dr.Seuss’s Birthday @ Hippocampus Chennai – 8th March, 2014

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For Jogg-oons of fun
Schlopp over to Hippo,
There’s so much to do,
So much for all and for everyone.
Make a mustache, like what Lorax wore.
Pose with a hat, oh, yes, there’s more!
A celebration such as this,
Is something you don’t want to miss
We’ll eat and we’ll play,
We’ll pose and we’ll shout hurray!
To Hippo, you must dash,
For Dr.Seuss’ Birthday Bash!
Saturday is the day, 8th is the date,
11 am is the time to celebrate,
So you better don’t be late!
ITS a Birthday party for DR. Seuss. Enjoy snacks, fun, games
 and crafts in honour of one of our favourite author.
Date: 8th March, 2014
Time: 11:00 am to 12:30 pm
Age group: 5-9 years
CALL 044 42116417 / 24433544
Please note:  A non-member fee of Rs 250/- is applicable .


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A Valentine’s Picture Book Picnic !! 


Saturday, 15th Feb @ 11.00 am 
Ages 3 -6
Love for family, Love for friends, Love for animals….Valentine’s Day is a time to show we can share and care. There are so many ways we can celebrate love.
Let’s have fun discovering the joys of Valentine’s Day this Saturday with a book picnic featuring a picture book classic “Guess how much I love you” by Sam McBartney.
Don’t forget to bring a teddy bear or any stuffed toy along. We will have a jolly good picnic with candies, paper heart crafts, sing-along and more!
Light up your Life !! 
Saturday, 15th Feb @ 11.00 am  
Ages 7 & above
Express your affection by making your own gifts this Valentine’s Day.
A sure shot way to show any loved one how much you care.
Celebrate Valentine’s day or just every day with these sweet heart shaped candles and brighten up your home.
Let’s warm someone’s heart and make this valentine’s day special and spectacular with some home-made candles.
Please note: Registration on first come first serve basis only.
A Non- member fee of Rs. 250/-is applicable.


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Did you know that animals grow their own winter coats?? Would you like to know what happens to trees in winter? There may not be snow on the ground but that won’t stop us from learning and having fun with Snow.
Join us for some seasonal stories, make special crafts and enjoy holiday treats with Hoo !!

Mentor:Vandana/ Ages: 3-5/Mem:Rs.2471/Non Members:Rs.2696



Fun with Science !
Put on your Sci – Q and journey into Ice Age with Maddy, Diego and Sid. Build Dino Alarms,raise an army of Beetle probers,and learn all about simple circuits.
Cook it Up !!
Is your menu all set for the Christmas party ??
Are you planning a sleepover with your friends these holidays ? Look no further..
Come along and make some Corn canapes, Chocolate walnut Rocks, Chips ‘n’ Dips, Pizza Crackers and Christmas Cookies.
Read With Hoo !!
Get into the spirit of the holiday season ! let’s ring in the New Year with some warm and cozy stories about snowmen,crafts featuring hibernating bears, word puzzles, games & more. Join us for a jolly good Winter Workshop and have a Icy cool time.
Mentors : Curiokidz, Anusha & Praba Ram
For Ages : 6-8
Members: Rs. 2809
Non Members: Rs.3033



Make Art Come Alive ! Enter the magical world of animation and turn your ideas into reality. Participants will get to be Writers, Special effect Technicians and

Directors of their own films.They will put together story idea, create

elements for their film and shoot the animation.Create your very own

short-stop motion animations with Sandhya Prabhat .

Mentors: Sandhya Prabhat/Ages: 8-12/Mem:Rs. 2809/Non members:R s.3033


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Book Picnic!


Saturday, Nov 30th’ 2013 @ 11.00am
Ages 3-6 Years
It’s time to get together to read, sing, and move. After all, that’s what our Book Picnics are about! Books are windows to discovering stories from different cultures. Together, let’s travel to South America as we open the pages of Biblioburro: A true story from Columbia by Jeanette Winter, and find out how one school teacher brings books and reading to far-away villages.
Join Praba Ram for a fun and interactive read-aloud session this Saturday, November 30th to celebrate the many joys libraries and books give us.
Bring a Story to Life!
Book cover
Saturday, Nov 30th’ 2013 @ 11.00am
Ages 7 & above
Meet Sandhya Prabhat, an animator and learn how to sketch drawing and make creative picture book.A picture’s worth a thousand words….Join us on Nov 30th and explore illustration techniques used in picture books.Come draw and colour with us.