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Date:27th April – 1st May
Science Factoty 27th april to 1st may


Date:4th May – 15th MayDrama Foodies


Date:18th May  – 22nd May

Jeeva Workshop 18th may to 22nd may


Date:25th May  – 29th May

Heros and monster 3-5


Date:25th May  – 29th May

May 25th to 29th (ges 6- 8) heroes and monsters



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Growl & Prowl: Of Big Cats & their habitats!!

Are you ready to prowl on a big cat trail across India? Let’s lurk in Gir to discover the Asiatic Lions, hover over the Himalayas to meet Snow Leopards and then, trudge to the Sundarbans to say hello to the Bengal Tigers. Create a non-fiction book filled with facts, drawings & photographs about these cats, and learn some creative crafts featuring the wonderful cats of the sub-continent. Children’s author Praba Ram who has written three books on endangered animals will lead the session along with resource person Vandana.

Mentors:Praba Ram & Vandana Gobind

Vandana enjoys doing storytime ,craft and fireless cooking with kids.Started off as a hobby,but now runs workshops and does birthday events too.

Age group – 6-8 || Dates – April 21 – April 25th, 2014 || Time – 10.00 am to 12.30 pm

Workshop fees – Members- Rs. 2600 || Non Members – Rs. 2800


Super Space Aliens Adventure!!

Lets learn about flight planes & helicopters, get a promotion to rockets and satellites ,explore space, constellations & heavenly bodies on land and maybe just get lucky enough to find alien life!! Campers will discover new worlds,look for space aliens and explore the “final frontier”.Put your imagination into hyper drive, and explore a galaxy far,far away. Hop aboard and listen to stories about the wonder of space & evolution of life through the theme of aliens, with a hands on approach of experiments, model making & creativity!!

Mentors: Padma & Niveditha

Padma Nagarajan has been working with children and edutainment, across television theatre and workshops for over ten years. Her aim is always to pass on information in a pictoral , hands-on ,fun way . For this she employs games ,stories , day to day parallels and models . She loves working with children and learning from them .

Age group – 6-8 || Dates – April 28th – May 2nd, 2014 || Time – 10.00 am to 12.30 pm

Workshop fees – Members- Rs. 2600 || Non Members – Rs. 2800


Water Wonders!!

Cool off this summer with a whole range of water based experiments- Learn about density. Viscosity, Surface Tension, water pressure & whole range of propertie of water in a way that’s super duper fun! Dip our toes into stories, myths & traditions all revolving around water.Explore the exciting medium of watercolours & create amazing works of art.

Mentors:The Science Factory & Vandana

The Science Factory is one of India’s first science enrichment programs for school kids, making science study a truly visual and participative experience. The Science Factory conducts workshops and partners with schools to offer hands-on, fun, scientific experiences designed especially for children between the ages of 4 to 11.

Vandana enjoys doing storytime ,craft and fireless cooking with kids.Started off as a hobby,but now runs workshops and does birthday events too.

Age group – 6-8 || Dates – May 5th – May 9th, 2014 || Time – 10.00 am to 12.30 pm

Workshop fees – Members- Rs. 2600 || Non Members – Rs. 2800



Explore folktales through theatre .The focus this summer is on folklore,folk music and folk art. Kids will express themselves in Warli, Gond,Folk Singing, Music Instrument,Dance, Drama and Movement. The mime and Movement workshop will not only flex the body but will also help in wiring the brain and will stimulate your child into a thinking human being.

Mentors:Shakila & Andrea Jacob

Shakila Arun , Director , Programmes of Applause Theatric activities has been involved with theatre since 1991. She has performed in the capacity of actor in more than 30 plays.Shakila has directed many plays for children and is conducting workshops in corporates, educational institutions and other organizations.

Andrea Jacob,a fitness enthusiast, a dancer, choreographer and a creative movement instructor will share her global experiences with us at Hippocampus.

Age group – 6-8 || Dates – May 12th – May 23rd, 2014 || Time – 10.00 am to 12.30 pm

Workshop fees – Members- Rs. 3800 || Non Members – Rs. 4000


Book a Trip Around the World!!

Have you read a picture book set in Mexico, cooked a Chinese salad,made pita bread with humus,or tried another fun activity that exposed you to life in another country? Take an imaginary trip around the world with books and explore different cultures through cooking and creating dishes from around the world. On this culinary journey, kids gain knowledge about different cultures while preparing global delicacies. With a focus on fresh, healthful ingredients, kids practice knife skills and explore various cooking methods as they cook their way through the exciting flavors of India,China, Italy, Middle East, & Mexico.

Mentors:Anusha & Vandana

Anusha kaushik, founder of Delicioso, a one stop bake shop conducts workshops for kids. Easy to make, simple recipes and methodologies which will introduce children to the world of baking.

Vandana enjoys doing storytime craft and fireless cooking with kids.Started off as a hobby,but now runs workshops and does birthday events too.

Age group – 3-5 || Dates – May 26th – May 30th, 2014 || Time – 10.00 am to 12.30 pm

Workshop fees – Members- Rs. 2600 || Non Members – Rs. 2800


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Ghost Stories !

Story telling at Hippocampus


Date:17th Aug|| Time :5.00 – 6.00 pm||Age : 8 & above

As the evening falls on the busy streets of Chennai, we invite the brave and the bold to enter the spooky, scary world of ghost stories with nocturnal storyteller Craig Jenkins. An unique, interactive element awaits the audience, gives them the opportunity to lead the characters and choose different endings.

1001 Nights

Story telling at Hippocampus


Date:18th Aug|| Time :11.00am – 12.00pm||Age : 5 – 8 Years

Hippocampus invites children and families of all ages to travel to the heart of the ‘1001 Nights’ as contemporary story teller Craig Jenkins reimagines his favourite tales from one of the world’s greatest collections of stories.

Discover the fortunes found within a magic cave, at the bottom of a demon filled river and deep within young boy’s dreams. Kids may also bring along one item that they consider to be ‘treasure’ for a story-sharing moment after the stories….

Fees: Rs.100/- For Members || Rs.250/-For Non-Members

Registration on first comes first serve basis only.

Limited Seats.


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Tea – Time With Tiger !!

Date: Sat 28th July ’12|| Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm|| Ages 6 & above

 July 29th is Global Tiger’s day and Hippocampus invites kids and parents to Celebrate the Cats in all their glory and highlight their need for protection.

 Come along for an interactive story -time featuring the most threatened and vulnerable animal in the world. Praba Ram will be bringing many Tiger Tales to children especially the Modern Classic, “ The Tiger Who Came to Tea” . The story-hour will also include music and movement with Maya Krishna Murari . She will be also be  sharing some interesting non-fictional facts through visuals about the Royal Bengal Tiger – the most stripey and furry , big and beautiful cat in Orange and Black – the only one of its kind in the world !!

Don’t forget to check out some of our own contemporary Tiger-licious tales – a Korean Folktale – High in the Sky ( from Tulika Books), Dorje’s Stripes (from Karadi Tales), and Tiger on a Tree from (Tara Books) available at Hippocampus.

Join us for an interactive story hour, with music and movement by Maya Murari and Praba Ram.

 Crack the Parenting Code !!


Date: Sat 28th July ’12|| Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm|| 

Parents are Invited… 

Join us for an interactive session and discussion on today’s

Parenting challenges -Unlocking the parenting puzzle.

The session will be  anchored by Kesang menezes and Mrinalini Ponappa Banerjee.


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A Day with Knights !!

Date: Sat 14th July ’12|| Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm|| Ages 8 & above

Come Along and take an Enchanting tour of Castles and Palaces around the world with HOO !! 

How were Castles built? What was it to live inside a castle ?Did Horses really wear armour ? Learn about Brave Kings, Beautiful Princesses,Gallant knights and Faraway Castles .

Design your own Hoo castle with Aunty Sapna .



Date: Sun 15th July ’12|| Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm|| Ages 5-7 Years  

Clip a Buddy and Dress up your Backpack .

 Make attractive colourful bagtags and easily identify your bags in a crowd of look – alikes .

Come along and make this Super Cool craft with Aunty SriVidya and add zing to your Bags.


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Date: Sat 26th May|| Time: 10.30 a.m || Ages:6 – 8 Yrs

Learn verbs the fun way in an interactive art workshop using Warli Style pictograms .

Hippocampus along with Tara Books is organising – Do! a Workshop at their newly built space – the Book Building. An opportunity tomeet and interact with Gita Wolf , learn about her latest beautiful handcrafted book – Do ! 

Kids get to learn about the Warli Art and create their own scenes in the Warli style. Children relate to this art style and Do ! can be used in many ways as a picture book, to learn about verbs, to discover the stories on each page, to talk about village life  or to draw their own pictures and stories in the Warli style.


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 Hippocampus Children’s Book Fair 2012!

 World Book Day is a celebration of Reading and Books , it’s all about getting kids into book shops and libraries.

 Come along and celebrate World Book Day at Hippocampus with Books, Visits by Authors, Book Promotions,Activites, Contests, Food and a Whole lot of Fun for Children!! 

Date: 21st & 22nd April’12

Time: 11:00 AM Onwards

Entry Fee: Rs 20 per head

Venue: Hippocampus , 3rd Avenue, Indiranagar,Adyar, Chennai.


Saturday @11.00 am

Ages 3to 5 Years

Book Reading and Storytime with Annie Besant author of “Mala’s Anklets” and “Sam’s Christmas Present”.

Dress up as your favourite character.Design your Book Mark.

Saturday @ 4.30 pm

Ages 8 & above

Join the Great Taranaut Puzzle Pentathlon,Get Code cracking,Memory – Testing,Wits- Matching,Number crunching, and Puzzle solving with Taranauts!

Join us for a Skype session with “Roopa Pai” the Author of the Taranauts series.Get a sneak peek in to the 6th book.Participate in the “Draw A Kolaverabot” contest.

Sunday @ 11.00 am

Ages 6 to 8 Years

Tails Up!

Three Monkeys stories from Tulika Woven together by Book Lover’s Programme for Schools


Make a paper foldable craft.

Pre  Registrations will be Required for these ativities.