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Stories ‘n’ Puppets !!


Saturday, Jan 11th’ 2014 @11.00am  

Ages 3-6 Years

 Stories are fascinating, captivating and entertaining , and if told with puppets they can be a visual treat for the kids.

 Puppets are Fun !! Puppets can be used “anyway, anywhere, and anytime” to bring stories to life and to spark young imaginations.

Come listen to some stories, sing some songs and have fun with the puppets . Watch the stories come alive with Evelyn.

It’s theatre, it’s storytime, it’s a bit of everything!
Pongalo Pongal !!
Saturday, Jan 11th 2014 @ 11.00am 
Ages 7 & above
“Connecting with the four days of Pongal harvest festival, the Tamilian way! A Thanksgiving to Nature highlighted through stories,songs and dance!” 
Come along and listen to a bagful of stories with Asha Sampat.Like all Hindu festivals pongal too has some interesting legends attached to it. Pongal is celebrated every year in mid -January mostly in the south of India and especially in Tamil Nadu to mark the harvest of crops and a special thanksgiving to God, the sun,the earth and the cattle.  
Join us for some Pongal stories and pot paintings.