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Honey-coated Saturdays!

Date: 29th SEP’12 Saturday || Time:11.00 am | – 12.30 pm | Age: 3 to 6 years

Calling all you honeypots to Hippocampus for a little “Bear Picnic”, to celebrate Stan Berenstain’s birthday! Do you know who Stan Berenstain is? He and his wife Jan published the popular series of books called The Berenstain Bears.

 So join Aunty Praba for a picnic with some lemonade and chocolate-chip cookies, while reading some bouncy, rhyming text from the series. And yes, Mama, Papa, Sister and Brother from the Berenstain Bear family will join us there for an afternoon of fun and adventure!

Music and Lyrics!

Date: 29th SEP’12 Saturday || Time:11.00 am | – 12.30 pm | Age: 7 & above

 Music makes our heart light and makes us want to sing along, and dance. Music makes us happy with joy.

Oh, What would our world be without music, dear friends?

 If you love music and want to be try out some very cool musical instruments, then pop over to Hippocampus this Saturday for a musical time with Aunty Shema. She’s bringing the Djembe, an egg shaker and the tambourine with her!

Now isn’t that exciting!

 Come clap your hands, sing a tune and show off those moves!