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A Handful of Puppets!


Saturday, December 15TH @ 11 am

Age: 3-6

Try taking a bite out of this Ginger Candy man!

Join Aunty Sheetal and her little group of puppets as she reads out two lovely stories for you all! We’ve got Ginger Candy man and The nervous little Hare on our list and she’s very excited!

Come have a handful of fun with our puppets this week!


Old is Gold!

    me n harsha

           Saturday, December 15 @ 11 am

Ages: Above 7

Now turn old into new, make them stylish and design them according to your personality and style!
Aunty Divya and Harsha are coming to teach a thing or two about turning old things into a stylish new avatar.

Girls, bring along your old footwear (flip-flops or flats) and get them customized with tiny accessories and bows.

And boys, get your old plain White/Black t shirts and turn them into stylish and awesome looking ones!

Prepare to get funky!! 

Call 42116417/24433544 to know more!