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Growl & Prowl: Of Big Cats & their habitats!!

Are you ready to prowl on a big cat trail across India? Let’s lurk in Gir to discover the Asiatic Lions, hover over the Himalayas to meet Snow Leopards and then, trudge to the Sundarbans to say hello to the Bengal Tigers. Create a non-fiction book filled with facts, drawings & photographs about these cats, and learn some creative crafts featuring the wonderful cats of the sub-continent. Children’s author Praba Ram who has written three books on endangered animals will lead the session along with resource person Vandana.

Mentors:Praba Ram & Vandana Gobind

Vandana enjoys doing storytime ,craft and fireless cooking with kids.Started off as a hobby,but now runs workshops and does birthday events too.

Age group – 6-8 || Dates – April 21 – April 25th, 2014 || Time – 10.00 am to 12.30 pm

Workshop fees – Members- Rs. 2600 || Non Members – Rs. 2800


Super Space Aliens Adventure!!

Lets learn about flight planes & helicopters, get a promotion to rockets and satellites ,explore space, constellations & heavenly bodies on land and maybe just get lucky enough to find alien life!! Campers will discover new worlds,look for space aliens and explore the “final frontier”.Put your imagination into hyper drive, and explore a galaxy far,far away. Hop aboard and listen to stories about the wonder of space & evolution of life through the theme of aliens, with a hands on approach of experiments, model making & creativity!!

Mentors: Padma & Niveditha

Padma Nagarajan has been working with children and edutainment, across television theatre and workshops for over ten years. Her aim is always to pass on information in a pictoral , hands-on ,fun way . For this she employs games ,stories , day to day parallels and models . She loves working with children and learning from them .

Age group – 6-8 || Dates – April 28th – May 2nd, 2014 || Time – 10.00 am to 12.30 pm

Workshop fees – Members- Rs. 2600 || Non Members – Rs. 2800


Water Wonders!!

Cool off this summer with a whole range of water based experiments- Learn about density. Viscosity, Surface Tension, water pressure & whole range of propertie of water in a way that’s super duper fun! Dip our toes into stories, myths & traditions all revolving around water.Explore the exciting medium of watercolours & create amazing works of art.

Mentors:The Science Factory & Vandana

The Science Factory is one of India’s first science enrichment programs for school kids, making science study a truly visual and participative experience. The Science Factory conducts workshops and partners with schools to offer hands-on, fun, scientific experiences designed especially for children between the ages of 4 to 11.

Vandana enjoys doing storytime ,craft and fireless cooking with kids.Started off as a hobby,but now runs workshops and does birthday events too.

Age group – 6-8 || Dates – May 5th – May 9th, 2014 || Time – 10.00 am to 12.30 pm

Workshop fees – Members- Rs. 2600 || Non Members – Rs. 2800



Explore folktales through theatre .The focus this summer is on folklore,folk music and folk art. Kids will express themselves in Warli, Gond,Folk Singing, Music Instrument,Dance, Drama and Movement. The mime and Movement workshop will not only flex the body but will also help in wiring the brain and will stimulate your child into a thinking human being.

Mentors:Shakila & Andrea Jacob

Shakila Arun , Director , Programmes of Applause Theatric activities has been involved with theatre since 1991. She has performed in the capacity of actor in more than 30 plays.Shakila has directed many plays for children and is conducting workshops in corporates, educational institutions and other organizations.

Andrea Jacob,a fitness enthusiast, a dancer, choreographer and a creative movement instructor will share her global experiences with us at Hippocampus.

Age group – 6-8 || Dates – May 12th – May 23rd, 2014 || Time – 10.00 am to 12.30 pm

Workshop fees – Members- Rs. 3800 || Non Members – Rs. 4000


Book a Trip Around the World!!

Have you read a picture book set in Mexico, cooked a Chinese salad,made pita bread with humus,or tried another fun activity that exposed you to life in another country? Take an imaginary trip around the world with books and explore different cultures through cooking and creating dishes from around the world. On this culinary journey, kids gain knowledge about different cultures while preparing global delicacies. With a focus on fresh, healthful ingredients, kids practice knife skills and explore various cooking methods as they cook their way through the exciting flavors of India,China, Italy, Middle East, & Mexico.

Mentors:Anusha & Vandana

Anusha kaushik, founder of Delicioso, a one stop bake shop conducts workshops for kids. Easy to make, simple recipes and methodologies which will introduce children to the world of baking.

Vandana enjoys doing storytime craft and fireless cooking with kids.Started off as a hobby,but now runs workshops and does birthday events too.

Age group – 3-5 || Dates – May 26th – May 30th, 2014 || Time – 10.00 am to 12.30 pm

Workshop fees – Members- Rs. 2600 || Non Members – Rs. 2800



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All Things Christmassy!!

Date:1st December ’12 Saturday || Time:11.00 am | – 12.30 pm | Age: 3 – 6 Years

What would Christmas be like without handmade gifts and ornaments?And don’t forget the Christmas stories.

 Kick start the festive season with some awesome Christmas crafts and get into the holiday spirit with Christmassy stories.

 This the season to be jolly !! Join Aunty Vandana for Magical stories ,Creative crafts and Listen to some music..

Bugged Out!!

Date:1st December ’12 Saturday || Time:11.00 am | – 12.30 pm | Age: 7 & above

Crawl into the wriggly world of bugs, and find out how they see, feed and make their homes.

Come along and make some creepy, crawly and cute bug inspired crafts with Aunty Maitreyi. 

Don’t be scared.. these creepy crawlies don’t bite . Join us to make some wiggly worms,glowing fireflies and dancing spiders and some lucky ladybugs.


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Just move!

Date: 6th October ’12 Saturday || Time:11.00 am | – 12.30 pm | Age: 3 to 6 years 

Come show off your dance moves!

Yes, Appu Akka is coming to Hippocampus this week for a wonderful, exciting session of creative movements and storytelling. Join her as we dance to some fun music, games and activities that use dance and storytelling as a medium for you to express your inner joys!
And everyone’s a dancer here, dear friends! Move those legs, wiggle those hips and dance away to happiness!

Kick em’ right!

Date: 6th October ’12 Saturday || Time:11.00 am | – 12.30 pm | Age: 7 & above 

Self-defense is essential to everyone out there! Be it in the bus, a dark alley or even your own house – danger lurks everywhere! Join us with Uncle Sreeram for an exciting session of Krav Maga – an Israeli self defense art that will help you prepare yourself in a time of danger.

Krav Maga means “hand to hand combat” which means there are no weapons, or dangerous items involved here. It promotes finishing a fight as quickly as possible. Excessive violence is not allowed in Krav Maga, making it a very practical self defense system.
Come join us for a Krav Maga 101 session with some basic activities and exercises!
Flex those muscles and show us what you’ve got!


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Poetry & Theatre workshop with Shaan Katari Libby.

Date:  Sat 25th August ’12|| Time: 10.30 am – 12:00 pm||

Poetry workshops are fun! Theatre workshops are exciting!! When they merge, what else can it be but simply awesome!!!

Join the fun with Shaan, the founder of A to Zee Creativity. She has been involved with theatre for over 20 years, performing with The Madras Players in several productions, as also with The Boardwalkers, Loyola Theatre Society, Oxford University Asian Society and other groups.

F is for Fractured Fairytales 

Date: Sat 25th August ’12|| Time: 4.00  – 5.30 pm||

Join Praba Ram for some hilarious re-telling of classic Grimm’s Tales –

Rapunzel and The Frog Prince!

Praba worked initially for NGOs and government agencies, focusing on disability issues and early childhood education policy. Back in 2006, she started Saffron Tree, an award-winning website, dedicated to reviewing children’s books from India and the US, particularly with a strong multi-cultural thrust.

“Captain Planet” by Arun Krishnamurthy, EFI

Date: Sun 26th August ’12|| Time: 10.30 – 12.00 pm||

 Arun could talk about urban eco-responsibility or lake restoration or sparrow re-introduction or plastic free cities or again zoo volunteering. Or all of them! You never can tell once he gets going on his pet themes.The programme aims at inspiring children, the future conservationists.

Environmentalist Foundation of India is a Not for Profit focusing on wildlifeconservation and habitat restoration in 5 cities across India. With 18 projects and close to 872 volunteers, EFI is one of the youngest NGOs in India.

Adventures from Chennai to Berlin with Love !!

Date: Sun 26th August ’12|| Time: 4.00pm – 5.30 pm||

Date: Sun 2nd September’12|| Time: 4.00pm – 5.30 pm||

A theatrical creative movement session involving kids to create their own interpretation as tourists visiting Germany and exploring cultural differences. Props and musical influences will play a pivotal role during this session. Every child will be actively involved, as they become the props in this movement story. Acrobatic and physical moves will be interspersed with touristic highlights from Chennai and Berlin.

Andrea Jacob started her dance career as a child. A passionate dancer, she is equally passionate about sharing her knowledge and skills in the performing arts, creative movement and fitness tools with others, especially children.

Storigami by Latha Subramanian.
Date: Sat 1st September ’12|| Time: 10.30am – 12.00pm
A session of colour, creativity and concentration. An exciting, fun-filled Story-origami session
Story-origami is the art of combining paper folding (origami) with storytelling. With some really colorful origami exhibits displayed in the background, children will not only get to create origami models but will also be encouraged to come up with stories of their own.

 Latha Subramaniam’s interest in learning about child development was reinforced when she completed a month-long training program at the Madras Dyslexia Association. The idea of becoming a professional storyteller came about when she decided to explore how story-telling can be used as a tool to understand children.

Puppetry with R.Bhanumathi

Date: Sat 1st September ’12|| Time: 4.00 – 5.30pm

Children will learn how to make finger puppets with Dr. R.Bhanumathi

while learning more about nature and wildlife and how they can help with


 Bag of Stories

Date: Sun 2nd  September ’12|| Time: 10.30am – 12.00pm

Book Lovers’ Program for Schools BLPS*

What can be more marvellous for children than a mix of storytelling, drawing/colouring activities and reading sessions? Join the fun with Shilpa Krishnan and Karthika Gopalakrishnan, who will use actions, songs and dance along with a few props to keep the session lively and interesting.

For further details and information contact Chandni @ 42116417/ 9444049175 or write in to


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Date: Sat 30th June ’12|| Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm|| Ages 7 & above

Make some Cute Animal face Magnets and Brighten up your Day !

Come along and make some creative Creatures, who won’t bite, never need to be fed or cleaned up after.Kids will not only enjoy making these cute barnyard friends but would also love to display them all over the referigerator.

Join Aunty Shilpa Mitha and make some cute magnets for your fridge.


Date: Sun 1st July ’12|| Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm|| Ages 4-6 Years

Because Summer time is Mango time…

 The rains are here..and the mangoes are almost on the way out. Let’s bid adieu to the King of Fruits with a sweet Mango story and make some yummy mango dishes.

Raw green, sour and crunchy .Or ripe golden, plump and soft mangoes are loved by one and all.

Join Aunty Vandana for a reading of “The Sweetest Mango”, and also make some yummy mango treats .


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A Day With….

This camp focuses on fun visits, stories and activities to introduce children in a friendly way to situations and people they meet for the first time. A visit t o the Bakery, an introduction to a police officer and a trip to the fire station are some of the situations and people they will encounter in this camp.

Mentor: Vandana Gobind enjoys doing storytime ,craft and fireless cooking with kids. Started off as a hobby, but now runs workshops and does birthday events too.

Age Group – 3 to 5 years || Dates –26th to 30th March 2012 || Time – 10:00 am to 12:30 pm

Workshop Fees – Members – Rs.1800 || Non members – Rs. 2000

Camp Explorers !

This camp gives children an opportunity to explore, observe and study nature- inspired ideas through fun outdoor hands-on-activities, alternating with indoor story-hours and enrichment activities such as word games, puzzles and crafts to reinforce the many joys of reading together and love for books!

Campers will get a chance to investigate the outdoors through age appropriate activities based upon the daily theme. (Trees, Birds, Fishes and Human Body )

Mentors: Praba Ram & Sangeeta

Praba Ram  – Author and Reading consultant , started Saffron Tree – a one – stop resource that throws light on some wonderful children’s books.

Sangeeta – An interior designer but also a mom,who loves doing craft with her daughter and with other kids too.

Age Group – 6 to 8 years || Dates –26th to 30th March 2012 || Time – 10:00 am to 12:30 pm

Workshop Fees – Members – Rs.1800 || Non members – Rs. 2000

 More than Just Cakes !

Create Art with Flour and Sugar !

Introduce your child to the joy of baking with some kid-friendly cookies, cupcakes and more! Learn how to cream, butter and sugar, measure ingredients, frost beautiful looking cupcakes and  more ! Roll out the perfect cookie, and learn to decorate them in beautiful and creative ways. Whip up some yummy cupcakes and ice them with butterscotch and glaze. Get to fill pre -baked tarts shells, make some yummy sandwiches and salsa sauce. Anusha’s concoctions not only taste delicious, but look amazing too!

Mentors: Anusha kaushik, founder of Delicioso, a one stop bake shop conducts workshops for kids. Easy to make, simple recipes and methodologies which will introduce children to the world of baking.

 Age Group – 9 and above  || Dates –26th to 30th March 2012 || Time – 4.30 to 6.30 pm

Workshop Fees – Members – Rs.1800 || Non members – Rs. 2000