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Date:April 27th – 1st May 2015

Public Speaking 27th april - 1st may


Date:4th May – 8th May

Curiokidz may 4th -8th


Date:11th May – 15th May

Scolympic  Workshop May 11 - 15


Date:18th May – 22nd May

Creative writing 18th may 22nd may


Date:May 25th – 29th May

May 24th - 29th cooking (Age - 9-12)



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“Think left think right think low think high. Oh! the things you can think up only if you try”, once told by the famous Dr. Seuss who always encouraged children to stretch their imagination… so the children at Hippocampus did just that and came up with stories that will amaze you!

‘Lasso Girl and the Paper Criminal’ – Gina

Lasso girl got a call that the Paper Criminal had gone on a rampage in a school. The Paper eater was a UFO (Unidentified Object). He ate paper. Lasso girl whirled a woolen lasso and caught Paper Criminal and pulled it so tight that Paper Criminal torn.

The End!


The Mad Scientist – Sanjay Rao

My name is Harold. I was born in 1386 but I am still not dead. My name is Harold and I lived with my 40 cousins 1 father 1mother 2 grandfathers 2 grandmothers 10 sisters 11 brothers. We live in the planet called the Donkey Planet. Over there people have a memory like  a donkey. Then suddenly a bad guy called Crackety came to the donkey. He was a mad scientist who had a secret laboratory on the top of the mountains. He made mad inventions to destroy the world. Then suddenly Harold wanted to look at those mad inventions. And after I see them I am going to make my own invention. And I’ll destroy the mad inventions and live happily ever after.

The Story of Emela and her Puppy – Varshini

There one lived a girl called Emela. She always wanted a puppy. On her 6th birthday her father asked her what she wanted a pet. So, her took her to the pet store there she saw many animals. She saw a monkey, a cat and a moue she didn’t like any of them and then she saw a cute little puppy and she took her.