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Date:27th April – 1st May
Science Factoty 27th april to 1st may


Date:4th May – 15th MayDrama Foodies


Date:18th May  – 22nd May

Jeeva Workshop 18th may to 22nd may


Date:25th May  – 29th May

Heros and monster 3-5


Date:25th May  – 29th May

May 25th to 29th (ges 6- 8) heroes and monsters


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Flying Machine!!

Aeromodelling is one of the finest hobbies a child can develop. It is indeed an art to make various types of aircraft models that can actually fly!! Explore how and why objects can fly at this hand – on workshop, get familiar with the basic concepts behind the working of an aircraft. This workshop teaches them how to design, build and fly model aeroplanes. Campers will learn to build and fly a static model and three flying models.

Mentors:Trainers from AEROWORLD

Aero World is the Business Partner of Aero-Sports in Chennai. They promote short term and long term aero-modelling workshops in schools and colleges. Dilip Kadavill and PG Nandhakumar will be conducting these interactive classes, teaching kids how to make their own planes like the Chuck Glider, rubber powered airplane models, model rocketry and the simple glider.

Age group – 9 -12 || Dates – April 28th  – May 2nd , 2014 || Time – 4.00 pm to 6.30 pm

Workshop fees – Members- Rs. 3600 || Non Members – Rs. 3800



Do you want your child to learn science, technology, engineering & mathematics in a simple practical and fun filled manner with robots? Come, be a part of ROBOCAMP and learn the basic of robots. Figure out how a robot works and how to use various sensors using LEGO kits. Young scientists can have a good time learning how to assemble, program and test the robot kits – both as a team and as individuals

Mentors:Trainers from ASIMOV Robotics

Asimov Robotics provide interactive and informative training programmes and workshops for children. The Robotics workshop includes the history of Robotics, the laws of robotics, how to assemble a robot, programme a robot and make a solar robot. The sessions will be conducted by Muralidharan, who holds more than 15 years of experience in Automation and Control domain in various assignments in 12 countries

Age group – 9 -12 || Dates – May 5th  – May 9th , 2014 || Time – 4.00 pm to 6.30 pm

Workshop fees – Members- Rs. 2300 || Non Members – Rs. 2500


Design and Development of Android Apps


 Look No further!! Join us in our fun-filled journey to explore the exciting world of computer science through mobile computing. Get yourself equipped to brave the new world of modern computing – cloud, social and mobile.

Use technology to quickly create useful, functional and professional-looking apps using MIT App Inventor*. You will learn to develop doodle app, fortune-teller app, gaming app and much more.

Do you have an idea or concept for the next “killer app”? We will help you to create your own – all we need is your imagination!

MIT App Inventor (created by Google and maintained by MIT, USA) is a cloud-based development environment for creating original apps for Android smart phones and tablets.

Mentor: Bhuvana KA from ThinkDiff S’kool
  ThinkDiff S’kool is an initiative to provide opportunities for young minds to explore new advances in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in a positive environment that encourages them to see more… know more… question more… The sessions are conducted by Bhuvana, an alumnus of College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University. Her mission is to kindle the curiosity and imagination of our children in STEM fields and empower them to design and create.


Age group – 9 -12 || Dates – May 12th  – May 16th , 2014 || Time – 4.00 pm to 6.30 pm

Workshop fees – Members- Rs. 3500 || Non Members – Rs. 3700