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Ages: 3-5 / 6-8 Years 

Date:5th July (Every Friday)
Time:4.30 – 5.30
Members Fee:Rs.4722
Non – Members Fee: Rs.5247  

To register call us at 044- 24433544/42116417
or write to us at

Dussera Workshop @ Hippocampus Chennai 15th October 2012

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Date: Sat 16th June ’12|| Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm|| Ages 5-8 Ages

Join us on our magical story mat and be swept away to a land of stories and fun .

Let’s get together to visualise magic everywhere, learn magical spells, know more about the powers of magic and create magical drawings with Aunty Supraja.

Cook It Up !!

Date: Sun 17th June ’12|| Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm|| Ages All Ages

Give Dad the Royal treatment with a Breakfast fit for a King.

Treat Dad to the best Father’s Day with

easy to make Cooler’s, Sub’s and

Chocolate Muffins.

Come along with your Dad and cook up a delicious, yummy meal with Aunty Anusha

of Delicioso


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Good Morning Chennai!

Do you have the attitude,the energy and the knowledge to be a Radio Jockey??

Know how a Radio Station works, the elements involved in a RADIO STATION.

Jam with Jane and talk about things you love.Plan,research ,organise and present a Radio Show of your own.Work on techniques like voice modulation,role Play,Dramatisation etc., Go about doing Interviews Conducting contest,Review movies/books with Sano.

Mentors:RJ Sano and RJ Jane

RJ Sano – Senior Presenter & Producer, and hosts the breakfast show at Chennai live.

RJ JANE: Infected by the Travel Bug and a Book worm hosts the Hot Momma House and Paperback shows @ Chennai Live.

Age Group – 9 and above|| Dates -16th April to 20th April2012|| Time-4.30 pm to 6.30 pm

Workshop Fees – Members – Rs.2800 || Non members – Rs. 3000


Nature of Workshop – Public Speaking.

The workshop aims to introduce the building blocks of public speaking – the concept of speaking in public, basics of speech construction, style, expressions and body language appropriate to various types of public speaking. Also would be explored how great public speeches are first written. The workshop would explore, in part, writing skills essential for a public speaker too. At the end of the workshop, you surely won’t be tongue tied or have writer’s block!

Mentor:Harsha Ganesh (MYT, the youth theater unit of Masquerade)

Age Group – 9 and above|| Dates -23rd April to 4th May 2012|| Time -4.30 pm to 6.30 pm

Workshop Fees – Members – Rs.3000 || Non members – Rs. 3200

My City, My Story !

A Photo  Journalism workshop

This camp is designed for kids who want to do something completely different. During the camp they will be introduced to the concepts of photography and Journalism. They will learn how to use their cameras to express their work creatively. Through this medium they will understand the power of images and how a journalistic story can be compounded through pictures. They will be introduced to the ethics of reporting and documentation. An interactive hands –on session with a photographer and a journalist. Field trips to popular hideouts in the city will be organised to compliment their work.

Mentors:Shutter Monkeyz &Shivani Sharma

Shuttermonkeyz: Where Photos Speak Louder than words. A group of young artists who have joined hands to capture those moments in your lives the best way possible.

Shivani Sharma:A freelance journalist with The Hindu and Times of India and many other leading publications. Currently writes for India Today, Media Voice etc.

Age Group – 9 and above|| Dates -23rd April to 4th May 2012|| Time -10.00 am to 12.30 pm

Workshop Fees – Members – Rs.3800 || Non members – Rs. 4000

Fun With Electricity

All aboard for lots of hands-on “Fun with Electricity”!

In this hands-on, fun and exciting program, you will discover how amazing science is . Make and take home a wide assortment of toys designed to teach you science concepts. Discover the magical world of atoms and electrons and learn to build your own atom model. Learn about electricity circuits, LED’s and much more. Build your own fun and mystical gadgets that will make your friends go crazy.

Mentors: Curio Kidz

CurioKidz runs experiential programs for young minds. Their mission is to make science learning fun and interesting through a unique self – discovery approach. They are committed to offering a practical hands-on approach that leads to a better understanding of the concepts. Their hands on programs exemplify ‘ learning by doing’.

To know more, visit call us on 97898 54247 / 98409 85873

Age Group – 9 and above|| Dates -7th May to 11th May 2012|| Time -10:00 am to12.30 pm.

Workshop Fees – Members – Rs.2500 || Non members – Rs. 2700

 Act – Hoo!

Nature of Workshop – Theater and Drama

 It’s hot in the summer and you want to act like it’s cold, so what do you do ??? Join the coolest place to be in Chennai to showcase your amazing acting skills. Learn the finer nuances of speech, body language and acting .It also helps to develop communication skills and explore dramatic talents.

Get Bitten by the Acting Bug this Summer with The Bear & Bean Bag Company.

Mentor:The Bear & Bean Bag Company (a children’s theater unit of Masquerade)

Age Group – 9 and above|| Dates -14th May  to 25th May 2012|| Time -4.30 pm to 6.30 pm

Workshop Fees – Members – Rs.3500 || Non members – Rs. 3800


Clay Play !

Discover Clay hands-on  and explore the wonders of clay ! This course covers essential hand building techniques for creating both decorative and functional pieces. Kids learn how to use slabs, moulds, coils, pinch pots, handles, decorative effects and more to create useful & decorative objects. A fun and interesting workshop which enables kids to create works of art with clay.


Mentor:Kaveri Bharath

Kaveri Bharath, a well known potter, trained under Ray Meekar of Golden Bridge Pottery in Pondicherry will help the kids get a feel for the clay and create interesting and imaginative objects.

Age Group – 9 and above|| Dates -14th May to 18th May 2012|| Time -10.00 am  to 12.30 pm

Workshop Fees – Members – Rs.1800 || Non members – Rs. 2000

‘Money Champ’

Would you like to play the multiplayer ‘Barter’ game?

Would you like to play the‘Dinosaur’card game to

learn trading?

Want to know how to make money with your own small business?Join ‘Money-Champ’ – a fun-filled holiday workshop where you also learn about earning money and managing money!Give your child the gift of money education and a head start in life.

Mentor: IIM Alumni

To know more Visit their Website:

Age Group – 9 and above|| Dates -21st May to 25th May2012|| Time -10:00 am to12.30 pm

Workshop Fees – Members – Rs.2500 || Non members – Rs. 2700


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Live on Air !!

hello fm

Date: Sat Feb 25th || Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm|| Age; 7 & above

Visit a Radio Station

Hey Kids, Want to take over the Airwaves??

Join us for a trip to the Radio Station.Visit Hello FM 106.4 , meet their lively and witty RJ’S. , see them record a programme ,interact with them and if lucky get a chance to be on air.

A fun hands – on Radio Experience with HOO!!

Fee: Members: Rs.250 and Non Members : Rs.350

 Registration Closes On Feb 23rd @ 5.00 pm


Dino Antics !!


Date: Sun Feb 26th || Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm|| Age; 3 to 6 years

Meet the Dino’s

They said Goodnight, they got well soon, they even ate their food, but now….Jane Yolen and Mark Teague’s Dinosaurs are going to say, “I Love You” .The duo do an awesome job of subtly delivering the message about good behaviour through dinosaurs in their books.

 Jane Yolen and Mark Teague, the author illustrator team of these lovable Dinosaur series share their birthdays in February.We invite all young Dinosaur lovers to celebrate the author illustrator team’s birthday with Book Reading/Story time and Dinosaur crafts at Hippocampus.
Have a Dino – mite time with HOO!










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A hands on Science and Technology Workshop

Come Join HOO in his quest to find Eureka moment!…with science activities that tease your brain and tickle you silly.


Unravel the mysteries of science by performing hands-on interactive experiments individually!!

Heat…Sound…Air…Pressure…Magnetism…Electricity and Circuits…Introduction to Robotics…all these concepts from NCERT syllabus, will come to life…leaping out of your textbooks into your minds…through your hands!

Learn the best way…the fun way…through self-discovery!!!

Age            : 7 to 10 yrs

Start Date : 20th August 2011

End Date    : 05th  November 2011

Sessions     : 12 Sessions (Every Saturday)

Time            : 3 to 5 pm

Venue        : Hippocampus Children’s Experience Centre

 Contact    : 9444049175 / 9840985873 / 9789854247/42067159 for details.

 Fee :

         Rs. 1500 per month + Rs. 750 per kit.(for Members)

         Rs. 1600 per month + Rs. 750 per kit (for Non-Members)

About the Mentors

Bhuvana K A, is a steering EEE graduate from the prestigious College of Engineering, Guindy. Besides being a university rankholder, she is also an MBA gold medalist from the Guindy College of Engineering (felicitated by Hon. Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam)

Nagalakshmi N, is a Chartered Accountant from Price Waterhouse Coopers. Her penchant for grooming young minds to freely inquire and explore in a system that focuses on conditioning thoughts, has urged her to step out and join hands with Bhuvana K A in giving birth to the Curiokidz venture.

Brought to you by

Curio Kidz



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Saturday, 02nd April 2011. Time : 11.30 am – 12.30 am for all ages.

Pull a rabbit out of a Hat, wave a magic wand and watch things disappear! Say ‘hocus pocus’ or ‘abracadabra’ along with HOO and learn a magic trick too!

A colourful magic show, will leave the kids spell bound and asking for more!